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It doesn’t matter whether it’s Gelato, Taiyaki, rolled ice cream or good ol’ traditional soft serve. There really is nothing like that first cooling lick of a delicious frozen treat on a hot summer’s day. A fact that the British public readily seems to agree with. The evidence of which is that there was a massive 12.8% rise in ice cream sales in the hot summer of 2019!

Of course, this is marvellous news if your business offers ice cream to take away, as part of your delicatessen service, or is involved in the manufacture of ice cream. In fact, if the weather is comparable, it will mean similar rises in sales for you as well.

However, to be able to facilitate these sales, you will need both the right product and correct containers for your customers’ needs. That is where Takeaway Supplies comes in. The reason being that we are the UK’s leading ice cream packaging supplier and you can read all about our products below.

Ice Cream Containers

We have a range of ice cream packaging and containers available for purchase including round, rectangular, square, as well as Napoli and bottle varieties. Something that means you can always display your wares to customers in the most attractive and enticing ways possible, as well as minimise any wastage for your business.

The great things about sourcing your ice cream supplies is that our customers’ convenience is a top priority. What that means is we offer free next working day to all our customers. (All you have to do is get your order to us by 1pm and make sure it totals over £30.)

Paper Ice Cream Tubs and Lids

ice Cream paper tubsOf course, you won’t want to only show off your delicious ice cream to your customers, but allow them to have a portion to eat in your establishment or take away as well.

That is where our paper ice cream tubs and lids come in. These are available in 1,2,3 and 5 scoop sizes. We also have cups with a spoon built into the lid. Something that can make serving your clients fast and easy.

In fact, our paper tubs and lids are perfect for all sorts of ice cream from a sharp and tangy sorbet, to the latest fad – rolled ice cream. You know the stuff that they freeze in front of you as you wait. Just by using a cold plate!

Additionally, we can personalise the paper cups and lids you order from us with your own print and logo. Therefore providing you not only with a practical product but excellent marketing value as well.

There is another excellent advantage to buying your paper tubs and lids from Takeaway Supplies too. It is that we offer 100% compostable products. Yes, that’s right you can get an effective, reasonably priced ice cream tub that is eco friendly as well.

Of course, using eco-friendly ice cream supplies are important, now more than ever. The reason is that more and more consumers are considering the ecological impact of the products they buy. Something that means your business needs to keep up with environmentally friendly trends and be seen as part of the solution rather than the problem. Luckily  we can help. Just look out for our TAS-TY Tubs range.

Other cups and lids

As well as our range of ice cream containers and paper tubs we also offer some additional options.

These include special sizes and shapes containers for products like banana boats, screwballs, knickerbocker glories, and even smoothies. A benefit that means you can offer a wide range of delicious frozen treats and attract as many customers as possible.

However, with our 30 years experience in the ice cream supplies biz, other types of tubs are not all we offer here at Takeaway Supplies

We also supply a wide range of biscuit and speciality waffle Ice Cream cones and hold large stocks of commercial fridges, freezers and catering equipment. After all, we know that folks in the ice cream industry can afford to wait around for their product to melt while they get what they need! We can also brand any fridge or freezer with your business’s logos.

Additionally, we even design and fabricate commercial point of sale units. Ones that you can customise precisely to what your business and customers need.

Ice Cream Spoons

plastic ice cream spoonsHere are Pack packs we are also pleased to offer a selection of single hygienic use ice cream spoons as well. In fact, we have a range of options available, including spade spoons, Sunday spoons, and even compostable spoons.

Spoons are of course just as important when it comes to ice cream supplies as anything else. The reason being that it is the spoon that has the most significant impact on the customer’s experience of consuming the product. In fact, supplying a spoon helps your customer to enjoy the process of eating it much more.

Why choose Takeaway Supplies for your Ice Cream Packaging?

Whether you are a takeaway, delicatessen, or work in the ice cream manufacturing industry, if you need ice cream packaging, then we are the supplier for you.

This is because our 30 years of industry experience and award-winning flavours make it the UK’s leading ice cream packaging supplier. Our range of products is so vast that we are basically a one-stop-shop, providing everything you need from unit containers to freezers, to spoons and ingredients.

Also, unlike other UK ice cream packaging suppliers, we will deliver your order for free the very next day. A benefit that means you never have to miss out on a sale because you don’t have the correct supplies.

So browse our range onlin of give us a call on 0161 339 3895 today, to see how we can serve your ice cream business.