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CremoLinea CremoLinea offers innovative solutions and high-quality ingredients for the ice cream sector. We have been delighted to work closely with them in supplying the UK market with their extensive range of flavourings and ingredients, attending exhibitions together. With over 20 year’s experience they were the perfect partner for us. We share a love of ice cream, knowledge of the industry and an interest in creating new and exciting ice cream flavours and ingredients.

You can find out a little more about them in their corporate video or browse the ingredients section on our website to see some of the delicious and exciting products available.

Arthur Branwell

Arthur BranwellSince 1904 Arthur Branwell & Company have been developing and supplying high quality ingredients to the food industry. An experienced and knowledgeable company within the industry we are proud to be a chosen supplier and have worked together for many years. Their products include a range of texturants stabilisers and stabiliser/emulsifier systems and powders. All essential elements in creating the perfect hard and soft ice creams and gelatos, as well as sorbets and slushies and countless other dessertand food items.

A staple in our offering you can find a range of their products on our website under the ingredients section.


tas-tyOur own brand of ice cream ingredients and packaging solutions we have worked tirelessly to bring our knowledge and expertise into fruition with our own brand product range. Using our in-house testing facilities allowing us to perfect prototype products prior to manufacture. This has allowed us complete control over the finished items. Under this brand we offer our wax paper tubs with or without lids and a range of topping sauces in flavours such as lime or butterscotch. We are always adding new and exciting variations, so do keep checking back.

Our Tas-ty range can be found on our website under ice cream packaging and the ingredients section.


HuhtamakiHuhtamaki produce packaging solutions with an emphasis on sustainability. With over 100 years of experience, they are a global company operating in 3 countries, employing over 18,000 people. We are delighted to be working with such an ethical company and are pleased to be able to offer the UK market with food packaging solutions. Steeped in a strong Nordic history we were attracted to Huhtamaki’s ethos and drive to make the world a better place and are pleased to be part of their journey.

You can find Huhtamaki on our website in our range of packaging solutions, for more information please do get in touch.

All Purpose Flavours

All Purpose FlavoursThere’s no point in having the best made ice cream in the world if it’s doesn’t taste delicious, this is why we truly believe in providing our customers with the highest quality, tastiest flavours available. All Purpose Flavours is our in-house flavouring brand, bringing a wide range of traditional and more experimental options to the marketplace. Including flavours such as cookies and cream, the blackcurrant, several variations of vanilla and much much more. We are also able to custom make flavourings or flavour match as our customers request.

You can see our current range of All Purpose Flavours under the Ingredients section of our website.


WaferWafer are our chosen supplier for waffle ice cream cones, they are strong and full of flavour and can be dipped in chocolate and covered in inclusions as required. We don’t list them individually on our e-commerce section, mainly because every customer has such differing requirements. Wafer aims to provide a more flexible approach as well as providing a strong cone that doesn’t go soggy before the customer has a chance to enjoy their ice cream treat.

If you have an interest in wafer waffle ice cream cones then please do get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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