Ice Cream Success is all about the Product!

serving ice cream

Selling delicious ice cream is a dream come true for many, but how to you make sure your customers keep coming back for more? If you are based in a tourist destination it could be tempting to think more about your profit margins that the satisfaction of your customers, but in today’s society when review sites can make or break a business it’s essential to do both.

Ice Cream Flavours

Yes, we all love a vanilla cone, but often people want to try something new and giving your customers a variety of different flavour options can keep the whole family happy. It may be that you offer a group of staple flavours, but then have additional options available each week. You could even ask your customers to vote for their favourites and get them to interact with you on social media.

At Takeaway Supplies, we can provide any flavouring you desire and will even help you to create your own should you wish.

Toppings and Inclusions

As well as having a selection of different flavours, you might consider different topping options, this could include sauces or inclusions such as marshmallows or chocolate pieces. You could add into your creations in advance or give your customers the opportunity to request their own combinations. Younger customers will especially like the freedom of creating their own special ice cream treats.

This is a great way to add interest and variety as well as up-selling these additions.

Displaying your Ice Cream

Displaying your delicious ice creams in your scooping cabinets will not only help your customers decide what to choose (after all, we eat with our eyes!) but can catch the eye of passers-by who may not have been even thinking about ice cream until they spied your display. Using bright colours on your signage, clear to read flavour signs and transparent pricing can all encourage people to make a purchase.

There is of course a whole colour palette synonymous with ice cream, whilst it could be tempting to try something new, these colours are easily recognisable by potential customers, so be careful about trying to be too different with your stand / shop/ display, there’s a reason why these colours work.


Why not expand your range to offer ice lollies, hot and cold drinks, frozen yoghurts, smoothies or slushies. Not everyone may want an ice cream in a family party, but they might opt for a cold drink on a hot day, or something a little different!

You can also offer a choice of ice cream cones or wax paper tubs, we even have a compostable range of tubs for those looking for an environmentally friendlier option.

There are lots of things that you can do to provide a great ice cream product as well as branding yourself in a memorable way. Don’t forget to encourage customers to leave you a review, like your Facebook page or tell their friends about you.

At Takeaway Supplies, we sell a wide range of packaging and ingredients to the ice cream industry as well as equipment such as scooping fridges and chillers. Please browse our website for all things ice cream!