Takeaway Containers

At Takeaway supplies we offer a wide range of containers suitable for your takeaway business, whether you serve coffee and smoothies or a combination of different foods then we have the right solution for you. Simply take a look at our online shop to see the vast array of takeaway containers that we sell.

It’s important to offer your customers the right packaging so that they can not only carry but also eat or drink their purchase without even needing to think that it’s too hot to hold or awkward and difficult to eat from it.

Here are just some of the things to consider deciding on the type of takeaway containers that you need for your business.

Coffee, Tea and Hot Drinks

If you are serving hot beverages to your customers then you need a cup that is not only going to be comfortable to hole but also keeps the drink hot too, so a good insulator is a must. It’s also important to think about things such as sleeves which make it easier to carry and also protect your customer’s hands from the heat. You mig

ht want to consider lids too so that your customers can keep their drinks hot for longer.

Other accessories include stirrers and carriers for those purchasing multiple drinks.

Hot Food Takeaway Containers

Takeaway Container for hot foodWhere hot food is concerned you again need to consider packaging materials that will help to keep the food hot without making it impossible to carry. You may also need to consider the size and ease of eating from your takeaway containers, if your customers are likely to be taking their food home before consuming such as with and Indian or Chinese restaurant then this may not be such an issue.

Again accessories you may wish to consider really centre on cutlery for this kind of product, depending on the kind of food you are serving, if its jacket potatoes for example you would expect as a customer to get cutlery with your purchase. If on the other hand you are serving chips then this may not be an expectation. It does depend on your market and also where you are selling your food too.

Cold Food Takeaway Containers

There are specific containers available from Takeaway Supplies for different types of food, so for example sandwiches, salads and desserts are very well catered for on our website and so please do browse. When selling food which is pre-packed then it’s important your customers can see the product before they buy and so choosing clear packaging is a must. If you are preparing the food in front of the customer then it’s not so important.

Ice Cream Takeaway Containers

For most ice cream sellers they will be offering their customers a cone or wafer, but little ice cream pots are becoming more and more popular especially as it helps children to get more in their mouth and less around their faces! We offer a range of sizes so that you can give your customers a choice of options depending on their appetites, we also offer specific product packaging such as pots for screwballs, but please browse our ice cream packaging range to see what we have on offer.

For the vast majority of our takeaway containers we are able to provide your branding, you don’t have to serve your wares in plain packaging. If you are interested in talking to us about how we can help you with regards to branding your takeaway containers then please contact us today.

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