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Pack Pack is an experienced wholesale food packaging supplies specialist, who you can trust to find and deliver everything you need for your food outlet or function and it does not matter if you are a large or small business.

Wholesale food packaging supplies is a skilled enterprise, and our years of experience in the trade and associated ice cream industry have stood us in good stead.

We know that our wholesale food packaging supplies range is comprehensive, cost-effective and extensive. A lot of time and effort has gone into making sure that every item in our well-stocked range is there on merit, because it is a good product at a good price and will make the lives of businesses that purchase it better.

We are confident that our wholesale food packaging supplies range has everything in it that a takeaway owner of any size of establishment would want, covering as it does hot food, cold food, sandwiches, salads, desserts, hot and cold drinks and accompaniments, but we are always looking out for products to add to it to satisfy new trends and desires.

Popular Products

Some products, of course, are always popular and top the list of what takeaways cannot do without. Disposable hot meal containers, for example, would come under this bracket as would cups of varying sizes with or without lids.

This is why we carry extensive ranges of both of these types of wholesale food packaging supplies, as they are a staple of the industry. So, for example, we stock 6in and 9in bagasse food containers with closing lids, as well as heavy duty food containers with lids in four sizes, to cater for every size of both appetite and takeaway outlet.

It's why our range of takeaway cups takes in polystyrene white cups as well as single wall, double wall and a choice of two ripple cup colours in a variety of sizes.

But we also offer more specialist offerings, such as our deli pots or trifle pots. We also cater for whatever your wholesale food packaging supplies needs are. So as well as sandwich wedges we offer three sizes of platter for bigger functions.

We can also supply plates and cutlery where food is being eaten on the go but on site and doesn't need to move – we really do have it all covered.

As ever, if you can't see what you want then please do ask as there is a high chance we will be able to find it for you.

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