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Takeaway supplies has a new range of New and Used Commercial Fridges, Freezers, Cake Display Counters, Serve over Counters, Ice Cream Scooping Cabinets, Ice Cream Freezers, Ice Cream Machines, Juicers, Coffee Machines, Coffee Grinders, Ice Machines and many more commercial catering machinery in stock. If you need it we will either have it or will source it for you.

If you have been looking for a new or used Commercial fridge or freezer for your business you will know how many options there are. Fridges and freezers are designed to do the same job but some are more suited to specific business environments. Commercial fridges and freezers are more expensive than your average domestic refrigerator but they are a lot more high tech. Commercial fridges and freezers come in a range of shapes, sizes and functions and can be used by Florist’s to keep their flowers fresh or convenience stores that need to hold large quantities of beverages. There are literally dozens of uses for commercial fridges and freezers.

Running a bakery business can be hard work and long hours, and when you are spending a lot of time making and baking your products you want to make sure they are displayed well. Cake display counters and service counters are available in a range of products so you will have amble to choose from. Great presentation of products can only enhance what you already have so keeping modern and clean display cabinets will ensure your customers come back time and time again.

Ice Cream Machines and Ice Machines are a big industry in the UK, surprising considering the weather at times, so by having the right equipment to make and display your items. If you are looking for new equipment for your business then Takeaway supplies are here to help you.

The selection of Juicers, Coffee Machines and Coffee Grinders can be quite vast if you are not sure what you are looking for, that is why it is important to speak with someone in the industry who can advise you on the right equipment for your needs, as you may not need the biggest and greatest coffee machine and there may be a more affordable option or possibly a used machine that will do the job just as well for you.

We have many products available in our range but if you are looking for something we do not have in stock please let us know and we will do our best to source this for you. Contact us here by email or call us on 0161 339 3895.

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