Sandwich Packaging UK

Sandwich packaging in the UK is, like salad packaging, increasingly becoming popular all year round instead of just in the summer months.

The once-humble sandwich is now a food of choice and a key player in the global food stakes. It is the top choice with office workers and at large gatherings like conferences, celebration buffets or work meetings. It is now a major league player, and so sandwich packaging UK has had to evolve with it.

As with salad packaging, sandwich packaging most often (with the exception of hot sandwiches such as bacon rolls) has no need to be made of thick, heat-resistant material and so is more open to the clear plastic designs that allow others to admire what is within and, hopefully, make a purchase.

Whether you are looking for individual packaging that you can store easily and which offer your customers a clean and hygienic means of transporting their food to the wanted eating point, or whether you are looking for effective and unobtrusive platters for use in mass catering scenarios, then our extensive range here will have something for you.

Packaging Options to Choose

Hinged sandwich wedges are always a popular choice, and so we stock three sizes to give you the best chance of accommodating all appetites and menu options.

Our hinged wedges come in standard, which are suitable for two regular sandwich halves, deep fill, which fit two deep filled halves, and a triple, which caters for three regular halves. We also stock two sizes of baguette holder.

For mass catering, our sandwich platters come in three sizes and feature a sleek black bottom and a clear plastic lid, making every sandwich combination look visually appealing while also having the capacity to remain covered until they are needed.

And, if by any chance you cannot find what you are looking for, then please feel free to get in touch and we will do our best to source whatever it is you are seeking for you. Our extensive range of contacts in the sandwich packaging UK industry as well as years of experience mean there is every chance that we can find exactly what you are looking for at the price you want to pay – but you will never find out unless you let us know you need our help.

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