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Salad packaging once used to be something that takeaway owners and food shops thought about once the weather started to hot up each year, but greens and grains have increasingly become a popular food choice throughout all of the four seasons.

As healthier lifestyle advice continues to grow in popularity within all generations, the rush to eat red meat and fattier foods once the days grow shorter and darker is not what it once was.

Salad, and of course salad packaging, has been the great winner in this, with a host of takeaways switching to offering healthier alternatives and many delis opening up just to service this need.

With preparation and service, the question of what best to serve your food in remains. Unlike hot takeaway meals, salads do not need to be kept at an optimum temperature to be satisfying to eat, and so packaging has evolved away from the white heat-insulating boxes with lids that are very effective in keeping food warm, but offer few glimpses of what is inside to tempt other would-be customers.

Salad, by its very nature, is a colourful affair. While always tasty and nutritious, clever takeaway owners will harness the attractive aspect of a bowl of salad to other hungry people and display their wares as easily as possible.

This has led salad containers to evolve into clear plastic bowls with lids, and even often an integral fork, to combine the aesthetic and hygienic aspects of food carrying and transport with maximum visibility for this prettiest of meals.

We offer in our Range

Here at Pack Pack we have put together a capsule range to harness this, taking in both trends in salad packaging from our observations as veterans of the industry and listening to our customers' needs.

And so you will find both square salad bowls with integral forks, as well rectangular plastic boxes some with forks, some without, in two sizes to cater for all portion sizes. All feature hinged lids and are stackable, making them an ideal space saver in any catering business.

Suitable for a range of foods also including pasta, our salad packaging will do the job you need at prices you can afford, so get in touch today to see how competitive our pricing is, as well as benefit from our legendary customer service.

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