Our Comprehensive Takeaway Food Packaging Range

We offer a comprehensive range of all key takeaway food packaging items that is high quality and very competitively priced.

We offer everything any catering outlet is likely to want, from paper bags to a huge range of cups, to salad bowls, cutlery, meal containers and everything in between.

Our range has been put together with a great deal of thought and care and stems largely from our experience of the takeaway food packaging market as well as feedback and comments from customers.

We know that dealing with one supplier is always simpler, and that is why we have determined to make our product range the best it can be, in the hope that business owners will feel confident getting all of their goods from us.

Of course, you need to know that you are getting the best and most useful takeaway packaging items at cost-effective prices, and we know that to be the case. Our years in the trade have enabled us to source the best products at the best prices, and we are delighted at the depth and breadth of our range available.

Whether you are just looking for takeaway packaging for drinks, for full meals, for desserts or for all three, then look no further as we can cater for your every need.

Meal Containers, Hot Drink Cups, Dessert Items and more

Our meal containers, for example, consist of a range of both bagasse meal containers with closing lids in two sizes and heavy duty meal containers with vented lids in four sizes, to ensure that you’re every hot food carrying need can be met in style.

Our cups for hot drinks offer a terrific range, ensuring that whether budget or style is your key motivating factor we have something for you. From basic but functional polystyrene cups with flat lids, through to black insulated ripple cups with black lids, we will have something that will suit your business down to the ground.

If its desserts that you're after, we offer a selection of waxed paper ice cream tubs with jolly scenes on the outside, as well as speciality dessert carriers including a trifle pot and a knicker bocker glory cup.

If its cold drinks you want to serve, then our clear plastic cups in two sizes with domed lids are perfect for smoothies.

With cutlery, napkins, lolly sticks and so much more, coming to Pack Pack for all of your takeaway food packaging needs is the best move you'll ever make.

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