Ice Cream Equipment Supplier

Here at Pack Pack we have ice cream equipment to suit any use or scale, all coming with our guaranteed competitive pricing as well as our famed customer service.

With our extensive knowledge gleaned from years working as a specialist supplier that you can trust. We have the right tools for the job, with our range being carefully hand-picked from the hundreds available commercially.

Commercial Fridges and Freezers

Double sliding door upright bottle fridgeWe stock an extensive range of commercial fridges and freezers for any purpose, and are happy to quote separately for bulk enquiries. Our range covers both ice cream equipment for storage as well as for display purposes, and if you do not see exactly what you require we are happy to try and find it for you.

Our range also covers all budgets, starting with our lowest price options, the LEC under counter light catering chiller and freezer units, and going all the way up to the top of the range ICC double glass door freezer.

In between is a huge range of styles, capacities, shapes and finishes to ensure that whatever you need, we have something that should suit you.

We also stock single and double door chiller cabinets that come with light canopies, along with chest freezers that come with and without sliding glass lids. The style will depend on whether the contents inside needs to be viewable without opening the entire lid. We also stock an extensive range of under counter units, in both white and stainless steel finishes to coordinate with most standard fixtures and fittings and electric unit colour schemes.

As well as fridges and freezers, our equipment also covers ice cream scooping cabinets, with the three in our range covering everything from a basic counter top operation to a full commercial nine-hole unit.

Bottle Fridges & Ice Cream Machines

Bottle fridges are a very popular part of our range, and we stock over 30 to give customers as big a choice as possible. Whether your preference or need is for single or double doors, slimline or low height, then we have something for you. Our most popular colour requests are for white, stainless steel or black and we have put together our range accordingly.

We also offer a range of ice cream machines, so that you can make you own iced treats – always a winner, while allowing for higher margins on what you sell on account of the equipment being on site. So don't delay – get your ice cream equipment order in today!

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