Dessert Packaging Solutions all Year Round

Ice cream was once strictly a Summer food, but now it is popular all year round and any enterprising fast food supplier knows that dessert packaging is important to be able to serve up an tempting iced treat or creamy pudding whatever the weather.

As you would expect from large and experienced specialist suppliers such as ourselves, we have a range of dessert packaging options to choose from, meaning that you can serve any puddings and after dinner treats you choose, whatever the occasion and whatever is needed.

Ice cream is always a popular choice with children and adults alike, so our dessert packaging range has plenty of choices to serve up this tasty treat. We have a large range available and pride ourselves on being competitively priced, whatever product you need and whatever volume you order.

If you're serving up puddings to children, or adults with a sense of fun and humour, we offer waxed decorated ice cream tubs in 90 ml, 160 ml and 230 ml sizes – the 90 ml size is suitable for one scoop, the others for more. These come in two pack sizes, and we have accessories including fluorescent spades and spoons in a various colours and handle lengths to make the presentation and practicality as fun as the eating.

For those who like a more specialised dessert packaging experience, perhaps for a wedding or country fair food stall, we offer screwball and squat knicker bocker glory cups in two sizes that are ideal for something a bit different with a bit of a retro feel. In the same vein, our blue disposable banana split boats give you the chance to offer something a bit unusual at a reasonable price.

Our smoothie cups are also a popular option for slush drinks or fruit smoothies, perhaps for a daytime or more casual event, or one with lots of children present. If something a little more traditional is on the menu, our specific trifle pots come in packs of either 50 or 1000, and of course our range of disposable plates and bowls in various materials also makes excellent dessert packaging.

For your storage needs, we stock a range of ice cream containers going from as small as one litre to as large as ten litres.

In short, our extensive range of dessert packaging allows you to mix and match to create the perfect order for your needs.

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