Winter is here, anyone for coffee?

coffee cup in ladies hand

The winter season is nearly upon us. It’s important to note how the buyer habits change with the seasons. Ice cream trucks are often nowhere to be found through the lead up to winter. Those that are out and about aren’t selling ice cream all. Instead, they’re offering hot foods and chocolate snacks. The reason for this is obvious. Buyers have no reason to buy products that make them cold through the winter season. Instead, what they’re looking for are hot drinks and snacks. Coffee sales, in particular, rise massively through the festive season. It’s not just about keeping warm either. There are a variety of different factors that cause coffee sales to rise during this time.

People are out for longer, after the sun has set through winter. That’s due to the fact that the sun sets at an earlier time. As well as this, shops stay open later to benefit from the stressed rush to buy Christmas presents. With more people on the street, they are all looking for drinks to keep them warm. There are even events like Bonfire Night, ideal for selling hot drinks like coffee to the crowd.

Did you know that we even have less energy through the winter months? It’s true, a lower amount of sun has an impact on our body and that leads to a craving for sugary of caffeinated products that provide energy. This is another reason why coffee sales go through the roof.

As well as this, brands have ‘trained’ buyers to purchase coffee during this time of year. They have achieved this through seasonal treats that are only available through winter or the festive period. From ginger delights to the Millionaire’s Latte, there are countless examples of this on the market from the biggest brands. So, how can companies benefit from the increase in demand?

Create A Unique Drink

Do make sure that you have a unique product related to the festive or winter season. You don’t need to be that imaginative or creative. A sweet coffee drink that has hints of flavours associated with winter or the festive period will be enough to impress and intrigue the customer base. You might even rival bigger brands like Starbucks.

Get the Supplies

You do need to make sure that you have all the supplies you need While many buyers will be more than happy to sit down inside and enjoy a coffee, others will be keen to sip their cup while they wander down the high street, perhaps looking at festive lights. That’s why you should make sure that you are investing in cups. At Takeaway Supplies we can help here and ensure that you have all the cups you need to satisfy the surge in demand. These cups can match your brand, and this will help spread the word of coffee treats that you are offering to eager customers.

We hope this helps you understand the benefit of focusing on boosting your coffee sales through the winter season. There is certainly the potential for growth in profits here if you make the right decisions.