Can my new packaging carry my logo or be personalised?

Take Away Supplies can provide you with a variety of packaging options for your business. While many of our clients are happy to purchase plain packaging, we understand that plenty of you are perhaps inclined to think about brand awareness. As a result, you’d prefer if there was an element of personalisation about your packaging.

So, can your new packaging carry your logo or be personalised? The short answer is yes, it most certainly can.

Furthermore, there’s no need to get this done separately from a different company; Take Away Supplies provides a personalised packaging service as well. The benefit of this is that it lets you promote your brand when selling products. It seems like such a small thing to do, but the effect on your brand awareness can be staggering.

With that in mind, how can we help?

In-Mould Labels

We can offer in-mould labels for over 75% of the packaging options on our website. This means the packaging comes with your personalised label built into the design. Minimum quantities apply, which means you have to order a specific amount to get personalisation on your packaging.

The label can be anything you want – a logo, specific product information, an image; anything!

We Handle the Printing for You

All you need to do is provide us with the artwork for your label. This could be your brand logo, a unique design for the packaging – anything that you want. Send it to our team – we’ll give you instructions on how to do this when you place your order – and we’ll handle the rest. Our team will use professional printing services to create your labels and fit them in your packaging.

Printed Boxes Available Too

As well as providing you with printed packaging that’s personalised for your business, we can also give you printed boxes. Cardboard boxes are useful when moving stock around or storing things that aren’t currently out on sale. You can continue to raise brand awareness and promote your company by taking advantage of our personalised printing service here. We will print your logo – and any other details – onto the boxes and get them sent out to you.

Why Does Personalisation Matter?

Personalisation is important as it boosts your brand awareness. When people buy your products, they take home your brand logo. As a result, more people see the logo, and this builds up a connection with your company. You’re spreading awareness and increasing the number of consumers who know you exist. Plus, if people try a product and like it, they can look at the logo and see that it came from you. Therefore, you may see new customers!

It’s worth noting that we offer this personalisation service alongside our main packaging services. We don’t print things onto packaging that you haven’t bought from us. If you want to take advantage of this service and boost brand awareness, then contact us when placing your order. Here, we can provide details of how to send us your designs, and provide a quote for the service.