Ripple Takeaway Cups for Coffee and Tea Benefits

Ripple Takeaway cup

By now, everyone knows that plastic cups are not the right choice for serving hot beverages. As you rule out plastic cups, it is time to consider paper cups. There are various reasons why paper cups are a much better alternative for serving coffee and tea to customers.

More and more hot beverage vendors are stocking up on different types of paper cups. They vary in size and material, but the most important difference is the insulating property. The type is often decided based on the heat of the drink being offered.

The plain white and single wall ones are great for hot drinks but they often become difficult to hold as the single-wall construction does not have additional layers to insulate the heat. A sleeve is not always available or suitable, so it is best to consider other options.

Why Ripple Paper Cups Are Better

Hot ripple cups flaunt double layers. They are specially designed to endure high temperatures. The layering works the way thermos flasks work. It traps and isolates the holder’s hand from coffee or tea. They are also sturdier, so they are ideal to be used for takeaway cup purposes.

Some of the newer cups flaunt triple walled construction, which is obviously better. These are known for providing increased comfort and insulation. The ripples come with a modern illustrated ‘50 cups’ design, which suits any stylish establishment.

The different corrugated paper wrapping in these can provide enhanced hand-comfort and heat insulation. The stylish appearance and color choices offer a premium brand presentation.

This product is available in many different sizes and a wide range of colors. Some of them are available in stock prints as well as having the ability to be personalized with your company logo or message of your choice.

Apart from keeping your hands cool, the corrugated sleeve prevents spillage and reduces risk of burning.

This product is a great medium to promote various brands. As a brand, Ripple is supported widely through trade advertisements and various sponsorship. Also, it has a positive environmental positioning amid other businesses and customers.

Being light weight it allows them to be carried around quite easily. Disposing the product is also simple as they are made of disposable material and decomposes much easier than plastic. Unlike plastic cups, you can easily crumple the paper alternatives and throw them away without feeling guilty.

They are also recyclable. Used cups are collected to make a pulp with mixture of water and paper. This pulp is then used to make new ones. They are also considered as the cleanest products because they are biodegradable. The takeaway product is made using natural trees and contains no toxic element. The biodegradable nature of them is what makes them so eco-friendly.

Different types of cups are available in the market today. Companies must select ones that are most suitable for their business while customers must keep their safety in mind. It is also important that both parties think about the environmental factor. Considering all points, ripple takeaway paper cups are ideal for coffee and tea.