How to choose the best coffee machine for your new enterprise?

image of coffee cup and machine

Across the UK, consumers are sipping down almost 100 million cups of coffee every day. This vast increase in consumption has meant that coffee has become an important, essential part of our culture. We go for a coffee when we are socialising, when we need something warming and when we need to wake up. There are coffee shops and cafes, coffee bars and restaurants everywhere you go, so it makes sense that when you set up a business, the first addition to the office kitchen is a coffee machine

The type of machine that you choose for your coffee consumption does matter. It has to be reliable, cost-effective and suit your office employees down to the ground. The main thing that you have to be sure of is that this coffee machine is going to be right for you and your business. Let’s take a look at the things that you need to think about before you invest in a new coffee machine:

Business Character

The type of your business is going to play a big part in the type of coffee machine that you buy. You want to be impressive in your offerings, and so if you have a large business, you want to be able to offer more than two coffee types. Pod type coffee machines may not be what you need; instead, coffee shouldn’t be an afterthought for your employees. It should be the start of making a good impression on them and helping them through the day.


Do you have a large office or a small one? You’re not going to need a giant coffee machine with all the bells and whistles if there are only two or three of you in the office. It’s essential that you have a machine that can cater to the number of staff in your office.

The Space

You could have been eyeing up the coffee machine that has the milk frother and the capability to make three or four cups of coffee at once, but it doesn’t mean that it’ll fit in the space that you have in your office kitchen. A pod machine should be a significant consideration for your business if you lack in area.


Coffee machines cost money, and the fancier you go, the more they’re going to cost you in the long term. The thing is, the best machines out there on the market may not be the most expensive ones around. Even if the most expensive one is the best out there, then you need to work out whether the “best” is truly necessary for your business, or whether you should think about assessing your budget and spending smartly on your business coffee machine.

Finding the best commercial coffee machine for your business is less about spending the money and more about finding the coffee machine that has what you need. Work out what your staff want and what you need, and then go from there.