25kg Monolux 60 (60% GMS)

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MONOLUX 60S x 25kg (Ice Cream Stabiliser)

Available in 25kg cases.

Contact our Ice Cream Consultants on 0161 339 3895 to discuss our extensive range of stabilizing systems

For larger quantities than 25kg prices are POA


MONOLUX 60S is a self emulsifying mono diglyceride prepared from vegetable fats for use in a wide range of food products.


Description - Powder

Taste & Odour - Faint Characteristic Odour

Monoglyceride Content - Approx. 50%

Free Glycerine - Maximum 6.0%

Iodine Value - Maximum 3%

Acid Value - Maximum 4%

Soap Content - Approx 2%

Melting Point - Approx. 60 Degrees Celsius

Shelf-Life - Minimum 12 months when stored cool and dry in unopened packing

Packaging - 25kg Net Cartons











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DATA SHEET No. 60S/1                                                  ISSUE DATE 21.02.13

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