Food Packaging Options

Food packaging is often just as important to customers as what is inside, and with that in mind we have researched and designed an extensive and popular range that offers the best looking and quality products at a price that is extremely competitive.

Our years of research and working with industry suppliers across all of the main food supply arenas, including takeaway, fast food and ice cream, have given us a detailed understanding of our customers' food packaging needs, and it is this which informs and drives our product range, which we are always refining and improving.

We know with hot takeaway food packaging, for example, that a product which keeps the food hot and contained as it is being taken from the takeaway venue to the eating point is the key consideration for both customers and suppliers, and so our product range in this area prioritises the functional over the stylish as we know this is what is most in demand.

We offer white 9 inch bagasse closing meal containers in pack sizes of either 200 or 20 and white 6 inch burger boxes in packs of either 20 or 400, perfect for even the busiest takeaway. We also offer other options for hot food, including multi-purpose heavy duty white containers with lids, coming in either 8 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz or 32 oz – so perfect for the biggest appetites, child portions, and everything in between.

Takeaway Cold Food Packaging Range

Our cold food packaging range is also extensive, and contains everything you need to run a salad bar or event in the summer months when cold food is often a popular choice. We offer two sizes of clear plastic salad boxes with lids, one coming with an integral fork. We also offer clear rectangular boxes with lids in two sizes to give you maximum options.

If you're serving sandwiches, our food packaging options include clear plastic wedges in sizes up to and including a triple, as well as sandwich platters for bigger gatherings or where a lot of food is needed at once.

For other delicatessen and salad bar needs, we offer clear plastic pots perfect for olives as well as a variety of ice cream pots and smoothie cups if dessert is also needed.

We also offer food packaging options for storage of foodstuffs, in sizes of up to 10 litres, and including screw top bottles and jerry can type containers with handles.

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