Takeaway Boxes for Catering and Takeaways

Bagasse Takeaway BoxTakeaway boxes are a staple of the catering and takeaway industry.

Increasingly, food is consumed on the go, and so the ability to be able to place meals of all types and constitutions in secure, heat-resistant boxes with lids, knowing that the contents will be transported securely and, crucially, that the meal will still be very tasty at the other end is a key one for takeaway owners and customers both.

Here at Pack Pack we recognise how important having the right takeaway boxes is to food establishments of all shapes and sizes, and have designed a range that combines robust and secure transportation with a cost-effective price.

Our range, which benefits from our extensive experience in the takeaway boxes area, offers everything that every food retailer, from a fish and chip shop or burger van to a festival stall, could want to be able to supply customers with takeaway meals.

The range contains packaging solutions to suit all, and is designed with retailers in mind, both in the products, what they are made of and even how they look and stack.

And, of course, our products are as environmentally friendly as possible, meaning you can use disposable goods with confidence.

Bagasse Meal Containers

The keystones of our takeaway boxes range are our bagasse meal containers. A naturally white, UV sterilised product manufactured from the fibre mass of sugarcane, reed and bamboo. They are both superb at heat-resistance and secure with a closing lid. They are also, as their description suggests, very environmentally friendly.

Sturdy, stackable and unobtrusive visually once in place in your shop or takeaway, these are hugely popular for food consumption on the go, and come in a choice of two sizes, 6 inch or 9 inch. The 6 inch is primarily aimed at the burger market, but is also suitable for smaller meals.

To complement our bagasse meal containers, we also offer upright heavy duty meal containers, in four sizes between 8 oz and 32 oz capacity. Also coming with a cap lid, these takeaway boxes are a popular choice for soups and dishes containing noodles or sauces, such as Chinese or Indian meals.

Between the bagasse range and our heavy duty containers, your takeaway box needs should be covered. And we, of course, offer all of the accessories needed to accompany these, from disposable napkins to cutlery to cups of varying shapes and sizes, so be sure to check out our full range.

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