Quality Takeaway Food Containers

Quality Takeaway Food Container

The quality of your takeaway food containers can make or break catering outlets, as no-one will want to be a customer anywhere that has a reputation for shoddy containers that leak, don't keep food hot and which generally are a waste of time and money.

Our advice is always to go for the best products that you can afford, as customers have to be able to taste your food in order to be able to rate it properly and can only do that if it is easy to get home in one piece while still hot.

So it follows on that having good quality takeaway food containers is good for business. It means people can get food to go from you quickly and easily, then that will massively enhance your fan base.

The Importance of Food Containers

Here at Pack Pack we can assure you that we know about the importance of takeaway food containers from our many years in the trade and have brought all of our experience to bear in our stock list.

We know that convenience is king and that looks largely don't matter, so we have focused on bringing you reliable, sturdy and heat-resistant containers that will do the job you need them to and don't cost the earth.

We have two staple ranges, encompassing flat boxes with an integral closing lid and sturdy upright tops with vented lids.

Our bagasse boxes are a favourite of fish and chip shops and kebab vans everywhere, with the 9in container more than capable of holding substantial meals without fear of spillages. Made from a bamboo mix, it is also environmentally friendly and also comes in a 6in size that is absolutely ideal for burgers.

Alongside that, we offer a range of heavy duty meal containers. These are upright and have vented lids, so are often utilised for soups or meals featuring a lot of sauce, such as curries or Chinese dishes.

Coming in a range starting at 8oz and taking in 12oz, 16oz and the huge 32oz, these are suitable for every sort of dish you can think of, and also offer more variety in terms of catering for varying appetites and meal sizes.

Both, either as single options or combined, are excellent products which offer a cost-effective way for any food outlet to offer meals on the go in confidence that their takeaway food containers won't let them down.

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