Our Ice Cream Freezer

Ice Cream Chest FreezerOur ice cream freezer range is extensive and covers all bases, in storage capacity, shape and style and budget.

Whatever freezer you need for storage or display, for whatever surroundings and at any time of year, our hand-picked range should have something that suits in terms of cost, size and looks. However, if we don't have exactly what we're looking for, which is unlikely, we are very happy to try and source it for you, and promise you a competitive price when we find it. As experts in this field, our ability to source products is unrivalled.

Our range is the product of our extensive experience in and knowledge of the ice cream freezer business. We know that they are critical to the ability to sell and store your ice cream, but that often the requirement is for units that do not take up too much space and are able to blend in with their surroundings.

To cater for this, we offer a range of under the counter and glass topped units at a variety of prices, which either fit into small places or are stylish enough to be on display. Whatever your needs in terms of storage capacity and colour scheme, we are sure that one of our models will suit. We have a collection focused on chest freezers of varying colours and specifications, as these are always a popular request.

Whether you want a standard chest freezer or an upright model, we have a range of options for customers to consider. All our different products have been sourced as being a great combination of functionality and price, and we're confident that our range covers all of the key needs of any ice cream supplier and vendor no matter what your size.

With prices starting at under £500 and rising to almost £1000 depending on specification and capacity, there is an freezer in our range for every shop, factory and supplier that should need one.

With options covering both pure storage and display, whatever your needs we are confident we can meet them and sell you a product that is perfect for what you want.

With the realisation that ice cream sales and supplies are a year-round event rather than strictly seasonal, our range is greatly in demand so make sure you get yours soon!

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