More Variety with Paper Food Containers

Paper Ice Cream TubPaper food containers are a popular choice for all kinds of takeaway needs, so here at Pack Pack we have taken it upon ourselves to have a comprehensive range available.

Unlike their polystyrene cousins, paper food containers have more variety in their appearance and appear slightly higher class, which appeals to caterers who want to be able to customise their beverage containers, for example, or match them in with existing accessories or eating elements.

Paper food containers are primarily to be found among the cups and ice cream cups in our selection, although we do offer some heavy duty containers with lids for hot meal consumption in four sizes, which are both practical and very sturdy. These paper-based food containers are a complement to our bagasse meal container, which have at least equal heat-retaining properties and are very popular with our customers.

Other Items we sell

Likewise, our sandwich platter offerings are predominantly plastic, as that is the best material for transporting and displaying that type of food, while our disposable cutlery is either plastic or wooden

But that is not to say paper food containers are not well represented in our range, because that is not the case and we offer a good range.

In our cups range, for example, we offer a wide range of tea and coffee cups and lids in differing sizes. We have everything from the very basic, to ripple cups which are great insulators and help keep your coffee hotter for longer, and offer a number of paper-based cups as well as polystyrene ones, to give our customers maximum choice.

Our paper-based cups come in just about every shape and size. Whether you want an 8oz cup, a 12oz cup or even a mighty 16oz cup, we have something for you. We also offer many choices in terms of whether you want a single wall cup, a double wall cup or a ripple cup for maximum head insulation. We even offer our ripple cup in two colours – that's how much choice you get here at Pack Pack!

In our dessert range, we offer a in the form of waxed paper cups for ice creams. Coming in three sizes, each with a different seasonal design on them, these are popular all year round and making serving ice cream a real treat.

So whatever your need are, Pack Pack has the answer.

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