A New Career with an Ice-Cream Trike?

Ice Cream Trike We all remember the friendly ice-cream vans from our childhood – the unmistakable jingle and the children running down the road clutching their pocket money with a grin from ear to ear – well nothing much has changed. Children are still children, everybody smiles at the sound of an ice-cream van approaching, one potential problem however are the costs incurred when starting a new business.

Ice-cream vans are expensive to buy and expensive to run – and they are limited to where they can go. So what’s the answer? I thought you’d never ask – an ice-cream trike business requires a much smaller start-up budget and can still make fantastic profits.

Don’t get me wrong, you’re going to spend a lot of time pedalling around on your ice-cream truck/trike, not only carrying your weight but also the weight of the freezer and contents. This really can be a great way to make a living and if you’re not afraid of the exercise (hey, exercise is good for you remember) then this can be a fantastic business opportunity.

Remember that in order to make your business a success you’re going to have to ride your ice-cream trike to populated areas. You may find that travelling around the streets is the way to go although many ice-cream trike businesses find more success in travelling to a place where lots of people congregate and staying there - shopping precinct (make sure you have permission), the promenade, the local park, anywhere people walk, play and spend time.

Make sure that you’ve got a good selection of ice-creams on offer with plenty of toppings, and invest in a colourful costume if you can possibly manage that too. Children are drawn to bright colours, cartoon type characters and larger than life personalities.

Good luck!