Ice Cream Cups to stand out from the Crowd

Our cups ensure that the ice creams you sell do not just taste good, they look superb as well.

With so many vendors selling ice creams the market is often full of competitors, so standing out from the crowds is vital, and this is where our range of funky and distinctive containers come in.

With three different designs, all fresh and summery, and one each for the 90 ml, 160 ml and 230 ml sized waxed paper tubs we sell, your products are bound to look the part as well as tasting it.

Designed to look more expensive than they are, thanks to our sourcing skills and competitive pricing for clients, these waxed paper containers will appeal to adults as well as children, evoking sunny holidays by the sea on even the gloomiest of days far away from the seaside

How to Complement your Cups

To complement our hit range of ice cream cups, which come in two pack quantities to suit different business sizes, we also offer a range of specialist items as well, plus all the accessories you will need to make yours stand out from the crowd.

Our ever-popular knickerbocker glory containers come in two sizes, and can come with or without lids.  They come in a choice of pack sizes so that all orders can be customised to have as many or as few of each item as you would like.

We also stock screwball containers in pack sizes of 50 or 2240, as well as trifle pots in packs of 50 or 1000.

If you make your own lollies to go alongside your ice creams, then our packs of 500 wooden disposable lolly sticks will come in handy, and we also stock blue banana split boats in packs of 1000 for that fashionably retro feel.

Of course, your ice cream cups, while lovely on their own, are better with accessories to accompany them, and so we have a good range of these to choose from.

Our bulk bestseller of 1kg of pink, blue and yellow plastic spades is joined by special long-handled sundae spoons in the same colours sold in packs of 250. These packs are also sold in multiples, so no order is too big or too small for our business.

We also stock white individually wrapped sundae spoons in packs of 500 or 5000, ensuring that all your needs are met in style and on budget.

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