Ice Cream Containers

White Ice Cream ContainerOur extensive range of ice cream containers will contain everything you need to sell, store or produce ice cream at very competitive prices.

As noted specialist suppliers of ice cream containers to all branches of the industry, whether ice cream sales from fixed locations or mobile vans, we are confident that we have everything that any ice cream stockist or seller, of any size business, will need to store or sell all the products you want, at pack quantities that suit.

We cover cute and whimsical patterned waxy tubs to serve a few scoops in, through to 10-litre ice cream containers with lids and have a huge range of tubs and accessories within these two ends of our stock spectrum.

For those caterers or sellers interested purely in presentation and doing this in style, our wax paper ice cream containers in three sizes are a sure fit hit. Coming in 90 ml, 160 ml and 230 ml sizes, each with its own summery design, the range of sizes ensure that every appetite, from the biggest to the smallest, for children old and small will find one that will suit them.

And coming in pack sizes from 42-1932, these ice cream containers also come in volumes to suit every size and shape of business.

Of course, no ice cream store or sale point is complete without plastic disposable spades, to eat from your tub, and ours come in mixed bags of blue, pink and yellow to add to the summery feel.

For something bigger still, we offer a patterned wax smoothie cup as part of our ice cream containers range, and at 500 ml it is perfect for slushies and smoothies of any flavour.

If your ice cream containers need is more for storage than presentation, then you will be delighted with our range of plain white tubs with lids, ranging from 1 litre to 10 litres in capacity. With our ice cream containers range covering rectangular tubs, buckets and even a jerry can style, there really is something for every need.

And, as always, if by some chance we don't stock the specific ice cream containers that you need, then we should be able to source them for you at a competitive price thanks to our long-standing industry connections.

So browse our ice cream containers range now and start putting your custom order together – with excellent prices and superb customer service, you won't regret it.

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