Ice Cream Cartons in our Range

We offer a wide variety of ice cream cartons in many sizes and styles to suit every occasion.

As specialist suppliers, our range of cartons covers consumption, storage and sales. Whilst we believe our extensive selection should have everything needed to successfully store and sell popular iced treats in whatever volumes are needed, we are also happy to source any additional items that we do not yet have for sale.

With our extensive knowledge of the cartons and  our industry knowledge, as well as contacts to match, we are confident that we can find whatever you need at a price that suits if we do not have what you require in stock.

For caterers who are looking for cost-effective cartons and accessories, we have a wide selection of options to suit every taste and budget.

Quantities and Products Available

Our printed wax paper  tubs come in three sizes, 90ml, 160ml and 230ml, and each has a fun and funky design on. The obvious complement to these is our disposable fluorescent plastic spades, which come in mixed bags of pink, blue and yellow.

If you're offering specialist treats to go with your ice creams, then we have the containers to match. We offer lidded knickerbocker glory pots, and long-handled spoons to serve them with, in either mixed packs of pink, yellow and blue or white.

We also stock wooden lolly sticks in packs of 500 if you want to make your own, as well as trifle pots and screwball cups – so whatever ice cream treats you want to stock and supply, our selection on offer has it covered.

We also have a selection of options if you need to stock or store ice cream, no matter the volumes involved.

Our heavy duty tubs with lids come in either rectangular or bucket styles, and in all sizes and quantities.

The white tubs start at 1.25 litres and go up to 10 litres, with a range of sizes in between. Our white buckets come in 2.5 litre and 5 litre sizes. We also offer a 5000ml jerry can type bottle with screw tamper, if that suits your storage and service needs better.

We are confident that our products range is second to none, and are available at excellent prices with our superb customer service to top it off, meaning you can have complete confidence in ordering with us.

So order your ice cream cartons from us today – you won't regret it.

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