Food packaging boxes

Our food packaging boxes range offers you everything you could need, whatever cuisine you are serving and in whatever quantities, all at a price that is very competitive.

Our extensive experience serving the UK's catering and ice cream industries means that our boxes range has been carefully chosen and tailored to meet the needs of our clients and their customers.

We offer as many products as possible in a range of sizes and pack volumes. Experience has shown us that having one or more variations on a product is a popular and logical choice. This also means that you can fully customise your order, by mixing and matching styles, sizes and quantities to make the perfect order for you.

Our food packaging boxes are generally either clear plastic for cold products and white bagasse for hot. For takeaways and fast food outlets, either in towns or at events, our closing white bagasse meal containers are very popular, as they are sufficiently insulated to keep food hot while on the move, as well as secure enough to put sauces inside with out them spilling out – a must for curry houses and Chinese takeaways, for example.

We also offer boxes specifically designed for burgers, in two quantity sizes, which are also very practical and very popular.

Our Food Packaging Range

For cold foods, our containers cover the full range for sandwiches, salad bars, deli pots and even a huge variety for ice creams and desserts, meaning whatever your needs we have almost certainly got it covered.

Our sandwich wedges come in sizes up to and including one that will fit a triple in, and we also offer two sizes of clear plastic baguette container, suitable for all appetites. For mass catering, we also offer clear plastic sandwich platters.

Our range of deli pots and heavy duty meal containers with lids in four sizes mean that we can cater for any food service needs you have, from the biggest to the smallest and the messiest to the neatest.

We also offer a range of dessert pots and disposable plate and cutlery options to add the finishing touches to your meal options if required.

If we haven't got the packaging boxes product that you are looking for, we are very happy to try and source them for you, and are usually successful in this because of our extensive industry contacts. So get in touch today and see how we can help.

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