Food Packaging Container for Storing and Serving

Food packaging containers are critical to the storing and serving of beverages and cuisines.

Whether you are serving meals on the go or outdoors, run a deli or cafe or simply want to produce takeaway meals in quality and durable boxes, then we have the food packaging containers for you.

We know that every establishment has different needs, both in what they are serving and the sizes of the containers they want and need for serving perfection, so we have created a range that covers as many different options as possible, so that whatever you need there is every chance we stock it and if we don't, we're happy to try and source it for you through our extensive networks of contacts in the catering and packaging trade. 

We have designed our extensive range at very good prices which means that you can mix and match our food containers to get the right balance for you and your food and drink service needs and still have them work out very cost competitive for you.

Takeaway Food Packaging Options

For our takeaway clients, as well as those serving hot food at any venue where it is not being eaten immediately, including outside, we offer a range of white bagasse food containers with lids. As they close securely, these containers are ideal not only keeping food warm on the go, but for any food which has sauces and will not be secure on a plate.

We also offer specific burger boxes, in two quantity sizes, which are perfect for those times when a full meal container can be a little on the large side.

But we don't only cater for hot food needs – we have all types of cold food options, including sandwich and deli needs, as well as copious amounts of options for desserts and drinks both hot and cold.

For cafes and cold food takeaway outlets, we offer sandwich holders in sizes up to and including a triple fill, as well as clear plastic baguette holders in two sizes to cater for a range of appetites. These combine well with our range of deli pots, which make serving salad items a breeze.

We also offer a huge range of beverage cups, with hot drink holders coming in a range of styles from basic to heat-insulated, as well as in a range of styles and sizes, not to mention with or without lids.

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