Food Containers for Wholesale

We have years of experience in the food containers wholesale business and can guarantee excellent service alongside our full and extensive range of products.

Our many customers include takeaways, restaurants and delicatessens and we stock a wide range of containers in many sizes, shapes and materials, all at very competitive prices.

Whether you are stocking or selling hot or cold products, we are confident that we offer the quantities and styles that you are looking for.

Our Container Range for Wholesale

If you are looking for help with hot food or takeaway needs, then our containers wholesale range of meal containers and burger boxes takes some beating. Our 9 inch bagasse meal containers with lids are perfect for any type of meal, including ones with sauces such as curries and Chinese takeaway, and we also offer a range of disposable wooden cutlery to further increase eating on the go options.

For burger outlets who may find these sizes a little on the large size, we offer a specific burger box that is 6 inches, so the perfect size for any burger and it comes in pack sizes of 20 or 400, so ideal for even the busiest takeaway.

If your  wholesale needs are for cold rather than hot food then fear not – we carry an extensive range to assist your needs as well. Plastic closing wedges in varying sizes which fit up to three sandwiches are complemented by clear plastic baguette containers in two sizes, 9 inch and 12 inch, which come in pack sizes of between 50 and 400.

We also offer sandwich platters in two pack sizes which are perfect for catering events and times when a lot of food has to be served at one go on the move.

Our  wholesale range also covers buffet-style and salad bar needs, with a range of clear plastic tubs with lids in various sizes and quantities. Whether you want to serve takeaway salads with a variety of tub sizes, or pots of olives and other antipasto, or just meals such as noodles or rice dishes that benefit from being served in an upright tub rather than a traditional fast food meal container, then we have just what you need in our extensive and well-researched range.

Whatever your food containers wholesale need, we are confident we will stock what you are looking for, and we will do our best to source anything that we do not carry as standard if you have a special request.

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