Fast Food Packaging Supplies


Fast food packaging is a niche supply area that we have a great deal of experience in.

We know that the fast food packaging industry has traditionally needed to value volume and sturdiness over style, and so offer a plain but highly functional range of high quality insulated and lidded meal containers designed to keep food hot where needed and secure while it is taken home or to another venue by your customers.

All are disposable and environmentally friendly as well as being competitively-priced.

In fast food packaging, the simple but effective designs we stock are tried and tested and the only thing you need to serve meals of all varieties at all times of day and all months of the year. Our take away meal container range covers everything you could want to supply your customers with takeaway food, whether you are a fish and chip shop, a burger van or any other food retailer.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, in all weather, all the fast food packaging products we stock have been chosen because they are sturdy enough to keep the required food from spilling out or getting cold while it is transported.

Our staple fast food packaging products are our lidded meal container boxes, our burger boxes and chip cones. We know that being able to serve a huge variety of meals in a range of portion sizes is important for our takeaway and catering customers, and so have offered as many fast food packaging options as we can where customer demand has traditionally been high. The lidded meal containers are 9 in long, and come in pack sizes of 20 or 200. Our burger boxes are 6 ins square and are available in multiples of 20 or 400 to cover all needs.

For those serving a range of foods and meals including soups or noodle, rice, or pasta-based dishes, our heavy duty meal containers with lids may be a useful alternative when you are considering fast food packaging.

They come in four sizes, from the smallest 8 oz through the medium 12 and 16 oz and through to the largest 32 oz. These all come in packages of either 50 or 500 to suit businesses of all sizes.

These heavy duty food containers are also perfect to use as chip cones – one of the oldest and most enduring of all takeaway food options in the UK today.

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