Deli Packaging Options

Deli Box with fork

Our deli packaging options make serving or delivering hot and cold food in style a breeze.  We offer various deli packaging solutions, stocking everything you need from olive pots to ice cream containers. We offer a wide range of products and sizes at great prices and our excellent customer service comes as standard.

Because our deli packaging range is built around our in-depth research into what the industry needs, we are confident that we offer everything you might need for cold food storage and service, in terms of both contents and price. Clear plastic food tubs of varying sizes with lids are the staple of any deli packaging service, so we offer them in a variety of sizes and volumes to suit all needs. Our clear plastic tubs range in volume from 240 ml to 700 ml and come in pack sizes of either 50 or 250.

Because you may also want to serve hot food on the go, we also offer heavy duty food containers with lids, ideal for soups, pastas or noodle dishes served either from your deli or from catering vans at outdoor and one-off events such as weddings and fairs. Another deli packaging staple that is always is demand is clear plastic rectangular or square boxes with lids, and so we have these in a range of styles and size options as well. Additional options include an integral fork on some sizes for even more convenience on the go.

For those with a sweeter tooth and anywhere serving ice creams to big or little kids, we offer a choice of deli packaging containers, covering standard pots, decorated pots and even special tubs designed for screwballs and trifle.For something a little bit different but still excellent on both style and price, why not try our plastic knicker bocker glory cups? Coming in a range of volume sizes, and in packs ranging from 100 to 1295, as well as a choice of whether or not to have lids, there's sure to be a style and package size to suit every catering need.

We also stock everything you could need for either hot or cold drinks, ranging from basic insulated cups through to champagne flutes in packs of 10 or 100 for that special event, so whatever your deli packaging needs or budget we are sure to have a combination that will suit you down to the ground at a price that is right.

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