Catering Packaging Supplies

Deli Pot Catering PackagingWhatever your catering packaging requirements, we have the right size and style of containers, cutlery and cups and glasses of all sizes at prices that will suit every budget.

Whether you are looking for paper or plastic goods, for restaurants or outdoor events or for takeaway use, our comprehensive range of catering packaging basics will cover what you need.

Whatever you choose from our extensive catering packaging range is guaranteed to be high-quality and competitively priced. We offer a range of sizes and designs where possible, and our core range covers everything from paper bags, to cups with or without thermal insulators and lids, salad bowls and everything in between.

Our catering packaging range for drinks suppliers, whether for cafes or event carts, includes a choice of four key designs for hot drinks, ranging from basic polystyrene coffee cups through to heat-insulating ripple cups in two colours. Each style comes in a variety of height and pack sizes, with additional variations in lids and stirrers, meaning you can create the exact combination that best suits your needs.

Our cups can also be used for soup, but we also offer a full range of takeaway food containers, covering disposable plates and bowls as well as burger boxes and hot meal containers in two sizes and which are perfect for takeaway food on the go from burger vans, fish and chip shops or festival catering. Again, these come in various quantities so you can fully customise your order.

If your catering packaging need is for a larger scale mass event, then our sandwich and baguette containers or sandwich platter boxes will make getting cold food to a large number of guests at one go a breeze. With our sandwich wedges having options of standard, deep fill or triple sizing and our baguettes coming in either 9” or 12” sizes, you are guaranteed to be able to find what you need. We also offer three sizes of sandwich platter in two different pack sizes to make mass catering even more straightforward.

For something a bit more summery, our deli pots are perfect for everything from olives to salads and ice cream, while smoothie cups and straws are perfect for outdoor catering. Our catering packaging range has been designed to make organising and serving food on the go as easy, stylish and cost-effective as possible, so look through our range to see just how we can make your life easier.

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