The Right Takeaway Containers

Heavy Duty Takeaway containerHaving the right takeaway containers for all food and beverage scenarios is what marks out successful retailers from their inferior counterparts.

As every restaurant and takeaway owner knows, all takeaway containers were not created equal, and finding ones which will keep the food required hot until it reaches the customer's home or the eating destination, at prices which will not break the bank, is key.

There are many options on the market, but few which tick all of the boxes listed above.

However, Pack Pack is confident that the stock listed on our website, are exactly what business owners will be looking for. With a choice of two main ranges, each with size and pack options within them, we truly think there is something for everyone.

We base our stock on what our customers want

Our range has been carefully chosen based on previous orders and conversations with suppliers and owners during our many years in the takeaway containers supply trade. We believe our range offers top quality products at cost-effective prices, so that every establishment, large or small, can find something that suits their budget and numbers required.

Our white bagasse range is a popular one with takeaways of all descriptions, including fish and chip shops, burger bans and kebab houses, as it is a classic of the genre.

Available in a 9in version suitable for a main meal, or in a 6in version that is ideal for a burger, they are also environmentally friendly, thanks to being a UV sterilised product manufactured from the fibre mass of sugarcane, reed and bamboo.

Closing with a secure lead, and heat-resistant, they are ideal for all types of meal and stack easily as well, which means they need minimal storage space – often an issue in smaller establishments.

Our Heavy Duty Range

Our other range is our heavy duty round meal containers with lids, which retail in sizes between 8oz and a mighty 32oz, making them suitable for all appetites. This range is suitable for soups, hot food with sauces, and anything in between, and is easy to eat from on the go. Featuring a vented lid, all sizes of our heavy duty takeaway containers can be microwaved and even put in the freezer safely.

As with all of our product lines, if you can't for any reason find exactly what you are looking for then please get in touch and we will do our best to source it for you.

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