Takeaway Packaging at Pack Pack

Reliable and serviceable takeaway packaging at a competitive price is the Holy Grail of all food outlets, whether they're serving in a town centre location, from a burger or kebab van or at an external event such as a festival or concert.

While that may seem obvious, sourcing all the things you need to make your takeaway packaging as appealing as the food you serve can be time-consuming, and many small businesses can fall into the trap of sticking with what they know or find first simply because they don't have the time to find a better deal.

We are committed to helping you find everything you need in one place, with the added bonus of every single item in our takeaway packaging range being both top quality and competitively priced.

We know takeaways and takeaway packaging like the back of our hand, and this has enabled us to put together a comprehensive range of trusted items that will get the job done at a price you can afford.

Whatever products you are looking for, we should have something to directly suit your needs and budget and if we don't, let us know the details of what you are looking for, because there is every chance with our extensive contacts in the takeaway packaging trade that we will be able to source it for you quickly and cheaply.

An Extensive Range

Whether you want packaging for food, for drinks or items to cover both, our extensive range will give you lots of food for thought.

From hinged sandwich wedges in three sizes to hot meal containers in two sizes and cups in more sizes and combinations than you could ever want, we specialise in giving you choice.

That's why we offer not only a 9in bagasse hot meal container but also a 6in version suitable for burgers, why we offer three sizes of sandwich wedge and not one, and why we have a range of salad bowls some with forks and some without.

Our takeaway packaging range, too, covers the specialist as well as the general. We have bright and colourful waxed ice cream tubs in three sizes, but we also offer specific trifle and knicker bocker glory holders if that suits your needs better.

In short, we hope to have everything any takeaway owner could need to supply food and drink to the masses easily and conveniently without breaking the bank.

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