Food Service packaging

Ice Cream tubsFoodservice packaging for every occasion is our speciality here at Pack Pack and we pride ourselves on stocking everything that caterers, whatever food branch they work in, will need.

From hot meal containers to ice cream tubs, our foodservice packaging has been designed with mass catering at competitive prices in mind.

Whether you need containers for hot meals or cold, drinks or salad bars, ice creams or soups, we have a variety of items to suit your need, coming in a range of sizes and packing quantities.

We know that caterers, wherever and whatever they are serving, need a huge range of stock, and so we offer our products in varying quantities to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Hot Food Options

Hot food outlets, takeaways and festival or wedding food suppliers will love our range that is designed specifically for full meal dining, covering all aspects you can think of.

We have hot meal 9 inch bagasse containers in packs of 20 or 200, and we also offer specialist 6 inch burger boxes in packs of 20 or 400 if the 9 inch containers are too big. The meal containers are suitable for meals, such as Chinese or Indian, which often come with sauces, but we also offer rough heavy duty food containers with lids in 8oz, 12oz, 16oz and 32oz which should cover every appetite and food need on the market.

Cold Food Options

If your foodservice packaging needs are more for cold foods, we offer a range of clear plastic sandwich wedges, with room for up to three sandwiches, as well as a range of clear plastic deli pots in various sizes. We also offer a selection of rectangular salad boxes with or without forks.

Desserts are also covered with our extensive range of waxed patterned ice cream cups, fluorescent disposable spades in assorted colours and other specialist dessert treat cups such as trifle pots and knickerbocker glory cups.

For something a little bit different after a main meal, we also stock smoothie cups and a variety of plastic and polystyrene containers that can be used as sweetie cups.

Drinks are also covered, with our extensive range of cups for both hot and cold drinks, with accessories and materials to suit all needs and budgets.

And, of course, our finishing touches such as a range of disposable cutlery mean that our foodservice packaging supplies can cater for your meal needs from start to finish.

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