Disposable Food Packaging Options

For any catering business or takeaway packaging is a staple requirement all year round. Our packaging options ensures that your food offering is served in an attractive way, that it serves it’s purpose and is cost effective for you too. Whatever your business or event needs and budget, we have the containers and cartons to suit.

Whether you are serving a hot or cold menu, inside or outdoors and in Winter or Summer, our extensive range of disposable food packaging has been designed with all food options and budgetary needs in mind, so we are confident that you will find the products that you want at competitive prices on our site.

And, of course, our legendary customer service is guaranteed on every order you make with us, so you can order with confidence that you will get a quality product every time.

Different Disposable Ranges Available

Our disposable food packaging range covers all of the needs for all kinds of events. If you merely need to serve food that can be eaten outside, with no need for secure transportation or to keep it hot, then our range of disposable plates, bowls and cutlery is the perfect option for you.

We sell white bagasse plates in 6.75 inch and 10 inch diameters, meaning you can cater for the smaller or larger appetites with ease. To complement this, we also stock 16 inch white bagasse bowls, which are ideal for desserts or for main course dishes containing rice or sauces. Our wooden disposable spoons, knifes and forks complete the key needs for this type of dining, and of course everything we stock is environmentally friendly.

If your disposable food packaging also needs to keep a meal warm, then we stock 9 inch covered food containers in a variety of sizes as well as 6 inch burger boxes.

If a lighter or more deli style takeaway is on the cards, then we have a range to cover this as well. As well as heavy duty food containers with lids suitable for the likes of soup and noodles we also offer sandwich packs as well as two sizes of baguette holder. Sandwich platters are available for corporate and other large-scale catering needs.

Of course, no food packaging range is complete without offering drinks options, and we are confident we have everything you might need. From a range of cups for hot drinks, featuring a range of options including colour, lidded or open, double insulated or not, we also offer clear plastic cups suitable for cold drinks or smoothies.

We believe we'll have everything for your disposable packaging needs, at a price that suits.

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