Disposable Food Containers

disposable burger boxWe offer a sizeable range of disposable food containers in a variety of sizes and materials and at great prices for use across catering units of all types in the takeaway food industry.

We recognise that portion sizes and the type of food needing to be carried varies significantly from takeaway to takeaway, so have designed our range to cover as many options as possible for maximum ease for anyone purchasing our disposable food containers.

We offer 9 inch disposable food containers suitable for whole meals in packs of either 20 or 200, which always prove popular due to their secure closing lids which means food can be carried with ease and also stays hot for longer. We also offer specialist burger boxes for takeaway outlets serving these, as traditional meal containers are often too large for burgers.

Types of Food Providers

For those outlets where customers are eating on site so don't need easy carry options or food keeping hot for as long but where disposable food containers are still desirable, we offer plates in two different diameters in pack sizes ranging from 20 to 500 as well as 16oz bowls in pack sizes of 20 or 400.

Of course, disposable cutlery for the catering trade is always in demand as well as disposable food containers, so we have options available covering differing pack sizes and material. We offer plastic or wooden cutlery available in different colours to fit in with your brand requirements, as well as spoons and disposable plastic spades specifically designed for ice cream.

Our beverage options cover hot, cold and alcoholic drinks in a range of styles and prices to accompany your disposable food containers.

For hot drinks to takeaway, we offer a range of variety of cups in sizes ranging from 8oz to 16oz, and with options to choose from including open tops, lids, sipper lids and single wall or ripple double insulation cups. We also offer some ranges in more than one colour for even greater choice and customisation for your food outlet or event.

If you need disposable food containers specifically for cold drinks, we also offer clear plastic cups with or without lids, which are perfect for fizzy drinks or smoothies.

For adult events or celebrations, we also offer plastic champagne flutes to help your party go with a bang, so get in touch to see what we can do for you and your disposable food container needs.

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