25kg Dairylux 477 (REMCODAIRY)

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607-77 DairyLux 477 x 25kg (Ice Cream Stabiliser)

Arthur Branwell's equivalent to REMCODAIRY

Available in 25kg cases.

Contact our Ice Cream Consultants on 0161 339 3895 to discuss our extensive range of stabilizing systems

For larger quantities than 25kg prices are POA

607-77 DairyLux 477

607-77 Dairylux 477 is a spray crystalised, fully integrated, cold water dispersible emulsifier/stabiliser system suitable for all types of ice cream


Description : Off-white creamy free flowing crystals with neutral odour and taste



6%                           0.65%

8%                           0.60%

10%                         0.55%

12%                         0.50%

Usage              :           Can be added at any stage                                     of pasteurisation but is fully

                                    soluble at temperatures                                     above 66°C (150°F)

Shelf Life


Minimum 24 months when stored in unopened packaging in a cool, dry place.




25kg net cartons




This product meets the requirements of specifications published by the FAO/WHO and the EC.




 TVC                                  Max 10,000/g

Salmonella/25kg                 Absent

E Coli/10g                          Absent


Local food laws and government regulations should always be consulted.

Nutritional Data


Approximate values/100g


Energy                                    2409Kj/586Kcal

Protein                                         1.0g

Carbohydrates                                0.0g

 Fat                                             65.0g

- of which monounsaturates       1.5g

- of which saturates                  63.5g

Fibre                                          27.0g

Sodium                                      0.14g



(1)  These dosage levels should be used as a guide only and need to be amended

    for different processes and formulations.


INGREDIENT DECLARATION:-      Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids (E471),

                                                        Sodium Alginate (E401), Guar Gum (E412)


The information contained in the publication is to the best of our knowledge reliable and statements contained herein should not be considered as a warranty of any kind, expressed or implied.


DATA SHEET 607-77 DAIRYLUX 477 (N)/1                                             ISSUE DATE 15.06.06

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